The Experience

Join us at four of the top dove and pigeon shooting lodges in Cordoba, Argentina. For years, the four lodges have been considered the “best of the best” when it comes to Argentina dove hunting. We recently leased an amazing new pigeon shooting lodge. The excellent reputation at each one of these lodges has grown with each group that visits the lodge. Each one of our lodges has its own personality and unique strengths. The personality of each lodge is the direct result of the people at each lodge. The unique strengths of each lodge were developed to cover the needs of any client. For example, the first provides a premium experience with only 5-minute drives to the field. The next offers world class service and fun at an unbeatable price. While another gives small groups the ability to have the private lodge and has one of the nicest lodges in all of Argentina. The last lodge provides a unique, high volume pigeon shoot in Cordoba. 100% guaranteed dove hunting action ALWAYS rain or shine with Million resident birds on our private property We offer Shooting blinds for beginners, intermediates and expert shotgunners

Rates From:               Los Chanares                   Sierra Brava                        Posta Del Norte                 Paloma Brava

High Season
(Jan. 1 – Sept. 30)               $790 per day                        $490 per day                        $550 per day                        $690 per day
Promotional Season
(Oct. 1 – Dec. 31)                    $550 per day                        $395 per day                        $450 per day                        CLOSED
High Season
(Jan. 11 – Sept. 30)              $7,200-8,800 *                      $4,400                                  $4,900                                  $7,500
*Whole Lodge Rates for groups of 10 or more
Promotional Season
(Oct. 1 – Dec. 31)                $5,900                                  $4,400                                  $4,400                                  CLOSED
Large Group Discount



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