The Bear Paw’s have become very well known for the huge mature bulls.The elk in the Bear Paw Mountains are unique because they are very spread out throughout the area and have become very nomadic. The bull to cow ratio is like no other and it’s more common to see bulls than cows.

RATES FROM: $9900.00



Mule deer is becoming one of the most sought after big game animals in the country. It’s been hard to find quality mature bucks with the over harvest and poor management in the west. This Outfitter has changed that by controlling areas and allowing the bucks to become mature before they are harvested. We continue to control doe to buck ratios and eliminate inferior bucks. A large mature buck population has given the animal an opportunity to breed their genetics into the herds ensuring quality animals. You can find mule deer anywhere in the river bottoms to the peaks of the Bear Paw’s.

RATES: Basic Camps starting at $4900.00

              Lodge starting at $5900.00 prices listed are for 2 on 1 hunts for 5 days

              add $1000 for 1 on 1 hunts



There are still big whitetail in Montana. Many hunters from the east usually come to Montana to hunt mule deer but that can change at any time on one of these hunts. The whitetail is not just a river bottom animal. Whitetail can be hunted in the Milk River drainage, wheat fields and all the way up to the high country of the Bear Paw’s in the timbered ridges. A great challenge to hunt, whitetail can be found in the same habitat as the mule deer, so be prepared of what might pop up in front of you.

RATES : Basic Camps starting at $4900.00

               Lodge starting at $5900.00 prices listed are for 2 on 1 hunts for 5 days

               add $1000 for 1 on 1 hunts



Antelope are always a challenging animal to hunt and they make a beautiful trophy. There are great numbers of antelope still roaming the prairie but the Bear Paw’s is also home to the animal where you can find them running the sharp coulees beneath the rugged peaks.

RATES FROM: $2900.00


Antelope - Deer Combo Hunts available contact us for current rates



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