We have three base camps to offer clients for our 7
day Elk hunts. Our summit Lake Camp and Bluff Park
Camp are both in the Bridger-Teton Wilderness and
both are around a 4 hour horseback ride. Our New
Fork camp is on the Bridger-Teton National Forest and
is about an hour horseback ride to get to. We can also
use three day spike camps to hunt out of, if needed.


Mountain Lion hunting is one of our passions. The
pursuit of these big cats can last for minutes, hours or
days, depending on what kind of track the hounds have
to work with. Snow machines are used for transportation
to look for tracks and haul hounds and gear when snow
conditions get too bad for pickups to get around in.
Good, mature Tom mountain lions are our main target
for harvesting, leaving females to produce offspring.
We are consistent in taking 14-inch plus skulls on the
lions we harvest. This is a 7-day hunt that we start mid-
November and run through March 31st. Licenses can be
purchased over the counter when you arrive.

Rates starting at:

7 day bull elk hunt

1x1 $6200.00            2x1 $5700.00

7 day combo hunts elk/deer

1x1 $7200.00            2x1 $6700.00

elk/antelope combo hunts

1x1 $6500.00           2x1 $6000.00

5 day Mule Deer

1x1 $4500.00           2x1 $4000.00

7 day mule deer/antelope combo

1x1 $5000.00           2x1 $4500.00

7 day mountain lion hunt

1x1 $6500.00

10 day bighorn sheep+

1x1 $10,000.00

7 day shiras moose+

1x1 $6200.00

7 day black bear

1x1 $3800.00


+These Hunts are Drawing Hunts


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